Monday, June 11, 2007

It was an FO, if only for a minute

This weekend I finally forced myself to get back into knitting and work on the long languishing pile of WIPs, all neatly packed away in plastic bags. I made progress on a project from the lovely Fitted Knits book but, low and behold, it was too small. Late last night I hooked it up to the ball winder and let it rip. Being made of Lamb's Pride yarn (15% mohair content) made for tough unknitting and the yarn is now all pilled and nasty. Hopefully I can salvage it with a quick wash because I really do want to start this project again in a larger size.

Here's a wee close-up of what it looked like before finishing and before being taken apart...

Now I have to find yet another old project to work on this week. Maybe I'll actually finish those baby cable socks that have been hogging my tiny circ for the past few months.


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