Tuesday, January 23, 2007

On maths and simple addition

So, there was this one time, when this girl was knitting a sock. And it was a delightful little sock. And she tried it on. The sock was snug even though the previous sock, made with the same number of stitches, the same yarn and the same exact needles was super loose. And the girl thought whatever, it fits good enough. So this girl kept on knitting and knitting and tried the sock on again. Still tight but still fits okay. When she rearranged the stitches to continue knitting she counted. And she counted again. And she realized the sock was actually eight stitches smaller than the previous sock. Eight! And then the girl remembered casting on for this sock, counting the stitches, and dropping eight stitches from the needles because she had cast on eight too many. Turns out she counted eight too many but the number was really right on.

So there's this girl who can't count to 72 and doesn't notice glaring errors until a full 5 inches into the cuff of a sock. I blame play-off football.

The sock fits just fine anyway.


Blogger Knitting Bandit said...

We knit alike!! The mis-count sounds like a page out of my knitting journal! I'll have to keep my eye on your blog to see if this is a one time mistake or just "a way of knitting" for you--like it is for me! :-)

9:33 PM  
Anonymous jessica~ said...

Haha... this sounds like me! The sock does look great!

8:27 AM  

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