Thursday, January 04, 2007

Knitting for the new year

My personal resolutions are written down elsewhere but I do have knitting-specific goals for the new year:

1. Learn color knitting. Specifically, I really want to make a pair of colorwork mittens a la Hello Yarn and Eunny Jang. These will also be my first pair of mittens. I made a pair of Fetching mitts some time ago but I just don't like them.

2. Learn magic loop and apply the technique to sock knitting and hats. I haven't even tried this yet but I think it will help me out a whole lot. I don't have a large collection of dpns and the circular needle set I just bought this weekend doesn't include cables short enough for hat knitting. Thus, magic loop! This goal includes knitting my first hat. For some reason I just haven't made one yet, despite my desperate need for a new one! The hat I've been wearing is borderline embarrassing and I actually found it on the ground somewhere. Funny, I have two hats that were found on the ground or in a women's bathroom. Nasty!

3. The real resolution is to carefully think about projects before beginning. Yarn, pattern, guage, and the big one... WILL I (or the giftee) ACTUALLY WEAR IT? I already have far too many finished projects sitting around that are never used or worn. They're just cluttering up my tiny little apartment and making me feel like a big fat failure. Let's not talk about the felted bags waiting for a lining (I even have the fabric and thread).

4. Not knitting related but I received my great grandmother's sewing machine for Christmas so I guess I should go ahead and learn how to sew. Pictures to follow when I lug the thing back to my apartment. It's one of the old school machines in a big table. Thing weighs about 100 pounds. No joke!



Blogger Bertha said...

Learning colorwork is my #1 knitting resolution this year too! Well that and charts, which I guess go hand in hand. I haven't been able to decipher one thus far...

Magic loop is so awesome and easy to learn though! I haven't used DPNs once since learning it...hats, socks, stuffed toys...anything round is done magic loop style and I'll NEVER go back! Well, sometimes I will use the 2 circ method instead of magic loop for a change of pace, but same difference. Good luck!

11:43 AM  
Blogger Leah said...

Great list!! Color work isn't so hard! Just give it a try!

The same goes for magic loop! Seriously so much easier than DPN's!!!!

4:53 PM  

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