Thursday, October 26, 2006

WIP: Kew socks

This week the bonus knitty patterns came online and I immediately casted on for the Kew Socks. I don't like the socks all that much (sensing a pattern here?) but the design is one that works for my beginner sock knitting issues (ie, I can only figure out top down patterns with a heel flap) and I wanted to try my hand at a lace pattern.

The first sock is coming along nicely. I'm just about finished; only half a pattern repeat remains (12 rows) before the toe shaping decreases begin.

The leaf pattern is quite nice but, as you will see when they are finished, it makes for a very loose-fitting sock. I wonder if there's a way to take out one leaf to tighten up the circumference of the sock. Maybe I'll just gift them to someone with larger ankles.

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