Thursday, June 21, 2007

Almost an FO

Just a few days of knitting and I finished the clapotis that was languishing in the WIP basket* for the past few months. Guess what? I hate it!! The pattern specs say the finished length should be 55in. Mine is 48in. A completely useless length. But all is not lost. Maybe a severe blocking will help.

The specs:
Pattern: Clapotis by Kate Gilbert
Yarn: KnitPicks Memories in the Fly Fishing colorway (a hideous combination of blue, brown and green)

Next week I will actually have something pretty to show. Let's just say I have official succumbed to the siren call of hand painted sock yarn. What a luxury.

* In preparation for a pending move I've been cleaning out the apartment and packing. Guess what I found? Several moth nests, one of which was IN THE KNITTING BASKET. Not just in the basket but covering a skein of ACRYLIC yarn. The one skein of yarn that didn't get properly stored in a sealed bag once I realized the scope of the moth problem. I found yet another nest in a pair of wool socks in my dresser... a drawer that hasn't been opened since I moved into this apartment 16 months ago. Hopefully this marks the end of my moth problem. Every other affected item of clothing (including all wool coats) has been removed.



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