Friday, May 04, 2007

Long time no knit

The past several months have been consumed by writing and defending my graduate dissertation so the knitting was placed on long-term hiatus. Now that I'm finished with graduate school (finally), in possession of a PhD and unemployed, I have all kinds of time for the knitting. The only problem is that I keep starting new projects and dropping them for something new within a week. Once I find a moment of project monogamy, I'll start posting regularly again. I hope.

In lieu of knitting content, check out Ravelry. It's an amazing organization/discussion/fiber community. I was somehow lucky enough to get a beta tester membership but it should be open to the public around mid May. You can also send out an email to request a membership before then (check the sidebar on the website).

Here's a screen-shot of my project page. If you head over there and find me you can see what projects I've been working on during the past few weeks. Hopefulyl I'll be blogging about them all soon.